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Let's talk about Spectral Pets. [Warning: Living story SPOILERS]


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So, running around in Dragonfall i've noticed 2 new hostile animals, the spectral bear and the spectral stalker. They both look transparent and leave a trail of glowing grass while moving. While the spectral bear have pretty basic attacks, the spectral stalker is able to pulse fury/might/swiftness to nearby npcs, can teleport on you and can also knockdown, things that our current felines are not able to do.

Here are the wiki links.SPECTRAL BEAR: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Spectral_BearSPECTRAL STALKER: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Spectral_Stalker

Do you think these two animals might be a sign that anet is secretly working on "Spirit pets"? Will ranger be able to summon spirit animals in a next expansion? Maybe to transform them into some nature-magic based AoEs? What do you guys think?

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I most sincerely hope so!

I get that a lot of rangers want this "true petless" spec (and yeah, I get it - rangers per definition should not be forced to have pets) - but I am hoping soooo badly for a spec that focuses on strengthening our pets rather than punish them (SB merging with them, druids losing flat 20% stats)... And I seriously doubt that they would release a true petless spec right after soulbeast - that just wouldn't make much sense... ... ... Although, I guess Anet is Anet so who knows xD

I would be so happy to see some kind of spectral specialization that allows rangers of said spec to tame more powerful pets (spectral pets, according to your observations / theory). :D So I, for one, hope that you're right.

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