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Plz nerf revenant


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@alain.1659 said:Rev is now a glorified thief-warrior hybrid that can only do burst damage well. Make revenant what i was supposed to be at the very beginning, a jack of all trades fighter that can adapt with the help of his legends, then the class can handle a nerf. That requires a real trait rework for revenant, which should have been done years ago.

^very true, yet very false :)

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@alain.1659 said:

@Swagg.9236 said:Revenant isn't a real class; it's a marketing tool used to sell a half-backed expansion. It's deserves only deletion; turned into scrap for other professions to use.

Why would you say something so controversial yet so brave?

Why not? It's not like the game wouldn't have been better if instead of Rev, the other 8 classes got new mechanics and gimmicks which would make them somewhat more unique from each other instead of just adding another class in which ended up being just Thief with cooldowns.

No no no. You got me wrong. I totally agree with what you said.

Haha, oh, I mean. I normally just say what I feel, but normally people just get irate about it, so color me surprised to find someone in agreement.

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