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Glorify The Golden Heart Elder Djinn Scenario - Good or Bad Design?

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I've been slowly doing the Glorify the Golden Heart, and the whole thing is fairly fun. I discovered the requirements for one item in this particular achievement relating to the Hanging Gardens. So:

  1. All mobs in the Gardens must be killed (and stay dead? Don't they respawn? What?)
  2. 4 champs spawn and must be killed
  3. A player (who?) with all Vabbi masteries must be in the map and must be the one to kick off the Elder Djinn
  4. Elder Djinn (attack or simple interaction?)

All that for a regular ol' coat. I feel that this one part and all it's requirements are a pretty bad design for something that is a coat-skin basically. I appreciate the series of events around it, but all that extra stuff at the end seems like bad design. For all that effort, that coat should have been Ascended. Yeesh.

So what do you think? Good or bad design? What would you change either way? Unless that coat is made Ascended, I'd alter that scenario to be just Elder Djinn as another champ boss in the series rather than some massive raid-like scenario.

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