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Recommend Holosmith build?


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  • Here you go, i've been using this one for a very long time, if you want a high-tec paladin this one is for you plus can deal decent dps too.https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Holosmith_-_Protection_Sword/Shield

  • You can use rune of vampirism as cheaper alternative to durability rune.

  • Once you get a hang of it move on to static sword/shield build for more dps out put.

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I use this : https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Holosmith_-_Condi_DPS with two small tweaks. Instead of having bomb Kit, I use Laser Disk, for a more guaranteed damage, since bombs are still rather awkward to use. And instead of Healing turret if group support is not needed, I use A.E.D, to give some extra hard CC to replace Big Ol' Bomb.

My reasoning as to why this build is quite useful is that essentially all your skills will deal condi damage, up to and including your toolbelt skills, meaning there should literally be no downtime of damage dealt (though intensity will vary depending on whether or not you're attacking). This helps free your mind for dodging, or keeping an eye on positionning to lay down more devasting Prime Light Beam.

Switch to holoforge, get up close, use Corona Burst, then Shockwave, use toolkit Static Shot to do more CC, normally by then you've reached heat 50+ so you then use Laser disc, Photon Blitz to explode and before heat goes Under 50 during cool off, you use Prime Light Beam and Blade Burst, along with your pistol skills, switch to grenade kit while pistol skills are in cooldown, throw all your grenades at the target (including toolkit Grenade Barrage that you can couple with Incendiary ammo Toolkit) when grenades go into cooldown, switch back to pistol and do your rotation again, follow with Flamethrower, rince and repeat.

This works relatively well against enemies that target the ground frequently, since the condi ticks give you some lee way to focus on movement and avoiding fields. It's especially strong against static, or slow enemies, as a lot of these skills are ground targetted. This is far less useful against quick Moving and teleporting enemies, as they'll tend not to stay in the fields long enough. This also lacks a stunbreak, but Blade Burst Toolkit can be used while CCed (In fact, almost any type of CC will let you use it) which is useful to keep that damage uptime while you're knocked off.Note that since this is very much a glass cannon build, you really need to avoid wasting your dodges and your heals. My A.E.D tweak might not be that useful if the timing is off, if that's the case, a more reliable heal like Elixir H is more warranted if you're not supporting a group, otherwise Healing Turret does just fine.

It works well in all game modes so far as I can see : PvP and WvW players rarely expect a condi holo (especially one with a -lot- of condi uptime) so they frequently forget to cleanse or if they dont, they frequently run out compared to a constant barrage of condis. Raid and Fractal bosses are large and sometime fairly static, so most of the skills listed here are good at keeping your damage constant ( as opposed to -high- ) and the CC is always a good addition. As for other types of PvE content, Prime Light Beam does a number on any group of clustered mobs, and they generally melt to burning damage from your other skills which almost all of them are AoE damage, without help from other players, though a tank is always a plus.

It is not as strong as a power Holo I am told, but I find it to be rather reliable in it's own way.

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ThereMy very own stuff derivated from the usual damage dealing rifle Holotmith made a little bit more flexible. Explosives are replaced with Tools to gain access to that sweet endurance regen, cooldown reduction on some skills and a goodie of your choice from the adept line so that you're no longer just a walking dps number.Go to town with Holoforge. When you blow up, use bombs, grenades and rifle skils fill the void. The combination of Overcharged Shot and Big Ol'Bomb is sufficient to break most of champions.

Also, the build isn't rigid, if you're not too keen on using let's say the Bomb Kit or Grenade Kit, you're free to replace one or the other, preferably not both, for something of your choice.

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The static discharge build is by far the best one. If you can get marauder gear to make the l2p less painful but DO learn to play. I recently came back after a long pause bad had/have to do it too but it's totally worth it.

The more defensive build on metabattle doesn't add a lot imo, but try and see for yourself.

To do the big meta events simply go with the flamethrower build,

Leystone Armor ist get wanderer, bladed armor to get marauder stats cheap..

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