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Increase limit on number of times 'change octave' buttons can be pressed (still no fix after Patch)

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Please Increase limit on the number of times the 'Change Octave' buttons can be pressed on the instruments (still no fix after Patch). After 7 months, notes/chords are still playing in the wrong octaves be it I play manually using a Midi Keyboard (which makes switching octaves easier immediately upon pressing another note on another octave) or be it I use a script for more complex songs.

And even before Nov. in 2018 of last year when the instruments were working, the Change Octave buttons even back then needed to be tweaked more to increase the limit on the numbers of times they can be pressed, that way, notes/chords across different octaves can be played effectively.

Your team only 'increased the limit on the number of musical notes that can be played per second on all musical instruments before their skills are forced to cooldown.' like the Patch Notes say, yet they forgot about/did not fix the other half of the real issue.

Thank you for looking into this.

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