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WvW Core Swap - Upcoming event


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I usually don't post crap all on these forums because I never have anything to say. This atrocity is giving me something to say. As a wvw open tag who runs with a lot of pugs and is already herding adorable kittens every time I play (and I enjoy it or else I wouldn't do it) I find this crap to be ... well... stupid af and I hate it. Now my kittens will have more distractions trying to find that "perfect skill orb" and I will get a headache and lose half my group to the enemies who aren't starstruck by this bs being handed down by people who don't even seem to play their game. Meanwhile, roamers and the like will have a good ole time, and I don't begrudge the people who think "this will be fun, oh boy" . However, as a commander I look at this whole bag of steaming excrement completely differently and it makes no sense. That's my 2 cents. Anet won't care. Nobody will care. But my poor cat is looking at me with fear, so I figured I should get my rage out. Thanks for the thread. I take my leave.

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The funny thing is you will see skilled used by other classes that the core classes no longer even use. I love to know if this is a trick to make it seems old core skills are still useful?

It sounds fun but it may make the lesser used classes even less used as they give the other team the ability to be much more flexabitl. Example would be the 4 class meta (rev, FB, scorg, scraper) getting the ability to use ele skill or ranger skills (non meta classes) making the meta even more wanted (or pushing if the effects from the core of these 4 classe going to be that strong) over all giving more flexibility to the ppl who play the same 4 classes over and over. All this is with the ideal of balancing and this week may not be about balancing at all. Still always good to point out balancing problems at every chase we can get.

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@"Stand The Wall.6987" said:this is cool lol. its an optional thing so complaining about it is ridiculous. I hope they do more events like this to spice things up.Viw1a1g.jpg

Sorry if we are not Anet fan boys. They continually ignore advice from vet players, do whatever irrelevant stuff for the gamemode(this event, mounts, gliding, etc..), every balance patch brings more power creep(instead of hard nerfs across the board they buff everything making wvw into a bigger joke balance wise) and it's taking them forever to release alliances. Not gonna come in here being a Anet white knight.

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pls no.guess im only playing for an hour that week to get my wooden chest, then im out...

orbs= even more lagskills on classes that the skills dont belong to =even more lag

guess that wont be fun to Play, especially in a zergfight, where you Keep some skills back to survive or do dmg, then the skills are gone, because the Floor is clustered with orbs that Change your skills? no thanks

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@Nimon.7840 said:pls no.guess im only playing for an hour that week to get my wooden chest, then im out...

orbs= even more lag

Ohh ya the lag... forgot about that since I barely play anymore. Instead of fixing the gamebreaking server lag they invest resources into stuff like this.... I just wish the devs would invest their time more wisely

@coro.3176 said:Sigh........Sigh........I thought for a moment that we were going to get a core-only week. I should have known better than to get my hopes up.

Ya, I was excited for a actual good event but it'll be another afk pip farm week as per usual

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