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Carrion or focus power or condi


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i like the power builds. What ive always done. And ive been fine in spvp and wvw with it. But i felt like trying to do a jack of all trades. So the question is, can a person still be effective with a combo of both at same time like carrion’s. I always liked versitility but i always opt for zerkers because its safe. Second question is, if it is viable, I havent played since beginning of HoT so now that expertise is out, should i be aiming for that as well? Mind u i get these is very generic questions and max/min will probably say no. Im not really about that life but i also dont wanna gimp myself no one will group with me

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I have experimented with a variety of the available attribute combinations. I will try to share a few casual observations below. I hope it helps.

Carrion has a few problems on Mesmer. Many condition builds currently use the Dueling line which requires critical chance (precision) to generate bleeds. Also vitality is nice, but unless you find yourself failing to avoid certain mechanics, or getting spammed with conditions faster than you can cleanse them, be careful of stacking too much vitality, as this will pull attribute points away from your damage. I would caution against having more health than you can reasonable heal up in a short window. If you have excessive health, and no way to effectively recover it, then it only helps you at the start of a skirmish, and it becomes wasted stats by the middle or end of a fight because you lack the healing throughput to recover your whole health pool.

If you want to go "power damage" then you will want Power, Precision, and Ferocity to hit reasonably hard. If you are neglect one of those three stats, your damage output will suffer pretty significantly. I would recommend sets like Berserker's or Assassin's (if using reflects, because reflects scale with Precision not Power) or possibly Marauder's if you have HoT and you really want some extra health. If you have PoF, the new Diviner's attributes which also include some increased boon duration which may be helpful for some Chronomancer power builds just watch out because boon duration caps out at 100% and numerous party buffs or consumables may increase it too.

If you want to go "condition damage" then really anything that prioritizes condition damage is good, but you'll most likely want to consider some precision as well to trigger your Dueling trait line bleeds which can really add up from your clones and phantasms (especially the duelist if you like the pistol offhand.) If you have HoT or PoF expansions, the newer Viper's appears to be pretty popular (4 stat- power, prec, condi, expertise) or Grieving (power, prec, ferocity, condi) also has neat mixtures of both power and condition stats and can help you do some effective "hybrid" damage. Viper's is probably better for more Mesmer condition builds, but whatever :blush:

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