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Next WvW Event: Skyscale and Griffons instead of warclaw


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@joneirikb.7506 said:Can't decide between my hate for those two, and my love for the salt it would induce...

Think I'll just play it safe, and say I'd prefer to replace EBG with Tangled Depths.

I was going to suggest Silverwastes and all mounts, but then I realised TD would probably still be more obnoxious to WvW in, and mounts could actually improve it.

I'm actually having great difficulty thinking of anything worse. It's a pain to navigate, it has all sorts of degen fields to suicide in, it has some rather unpleasant PvE mobs in rather unpleasant numbers, and nearly nowhere to actually hold an interesting fight.

Many of the other PvE maps in the game, devoid of any WvW structures, might still be ironically amusing to try fighting in. TD would just be awful. You win, I guess.

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