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[NA][PvE] Nexians of Phobos recruiting for all PvE, including progression raids!


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Nexians of Phobos is looking for more people to hang out with. We do mostly PvE, such as guild missions, fractals, raids, dungeons, metas, bounties, etc. We're just here to have fun and we like to help people while we're at it. Sometimes that's a challenge mote on a low tier fractal, sometimes that's a link to a guide, sometimes that's a second person in a story instance. You get the idea. Our humor can be all over the place, sometimes it's pretty mature, but we're not edgelords.

We do guild missions on Tuesdays starting at 10pm EST aka 7pm PST and ending whenever we're done. When we max on favor/upgrades, maybe we'll morph this night to something else, like bounty trains or metas or fractal tutorials or something like that.

About [NoP] raids:Wed/Fri Starting at 9:30pm EST/6:30pm PST and ending at 11:30pm EST/8:30pm PSTMany of us were Wildstar raiders, and we're enjoying the change of pace to a more casual setting. We don't have high standards for group content, but don't be dead weight(we can help guide you to a proper build, gear, etc.). We want to be good enough to clear the content we're doing, but we're not elitists. We're doing blind progression as much as we can. We like learning new things and figuring out the puzzle of how to deal with boss mechanics. But we won't throw corpses at something we can't figure out. There are good guides out there that we'll use if we get stuck or clear something and want to see if other people have a better solution. At the moment, we're primarily looking for DPS(condi and power) and support/dps like quickbrand and alacrigade. The more options you have the better.People with gw2 raid experience: We're not looking for a tutorial or a guide, but if you want to come die with us, that would be great. We might ask you questions about mechanics, but only after we've given it a shot.People without gw2 raid experience: We can help you get an appropriate build, we can teach the mechanics of fights we've done, as long as you're looking to improve, you're good.

About [NoP] Fractals:Most of us are in T4, but we have a few lower, and we can help other people at lower tiers.


  1. Rep whenever you want. But keep in mind when you're not repping, you have to have non-repped guilds turned on to see us chat.
  2. Don't be a jerk.
  3. For scheduled events, discord is required(link in guild motd). You don't need a mic, but you do need to listen.

Want to get in on raids on the ground floor? Want to watch some idiots die to stupid shit in raids? Want to learn fractals? Want to get synthesizers in the guild hall and nothing else?In game: zaery.6478 or Shadowfax.6130Discord: zaery#5732 or Shadow#8219

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