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Fun Speculation of Future Possible Elite Specs


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Now that Path of Fire is out and a decent amount of people have spent quite an amount of time, what do you think thief needs in the future? For me I love thief, but I find myself more prepared to change over to Firebrand Guardian as a main due to the build diversity. Don't get me wrong, I like the thief but most of the elite specs for me just haven't changed the thief that much. For daredevil, the only mechanic change was an addition dodge charge and for deadeye, the stolen skills change but it's all very much the of the same. This got me looking at what some from before the recent expansion thought they wanted for the elite spec. So far, I have seen about 5 or 6 common ones as far as just the weapons are concerned and a couple interesting titles connected to it. This page I mostly just wanted to gather them all in one place and just have one place post-Path of Fire for it. As well as maybe talk about some other ideas that I maybe haven't mentioned.

Assassin: off-hand sword(This one seems to be the most common of these, and honestly just for myself specifically one of the more underwhelming)

Shadow Berserker: dual axes(This one does definitely seem interesting and I do see potential now that the Warrior got spellbreaker with it's 2 new onehanded weapons)

Scout: warhorn(if this becomes a little more support-like then I would really like it because other than the book share deadeye build which isn't near fully a support but still is really useful and I would love to just have a support thief... mostly just for the choice to do so if I wanted and I could see an interesting dynamic that could allow shadow arts to be more useful in PvE)

Bladedancer: "Lute"- focus(just like daredevil with making the staff a Bo staff and the rifle a sniper rather than something more akin to a shotgun if it happened this way I think it could potentially work; although this one could also work for mesmer I think as well; this one is my personal favorite, especially if it would become something like a damage support)

Executioner: "Greataxe" -hammer(similar to the above, thieves seem to like to transform a pre-existing weapon into something else so this might fit; although also similar this one could potentially fit with another class with this one being necromancer; for this one to work the steal would probably have to be replaced with something else and not like how mark is but something a bit larger I think)

Ninja: "Katana" -greatsword(one reason is the same as the two above; while it's not my complete favorite, this one I have been wanting since I saw that one main guy from Order of Whispers whose name escapes me that displayed thief abilities but used a greatsword, although it's been a long time since I played through the regular personal story so it might have changed but with us getting closer to cantha and the more asian theme going on maybe they will do something like this? This one is more hopeful and I had to put it on this list, it would be cool if we did get a greatsword though)Edit: The guy I mention from Order of Whispers was Doern Velazquez, and I did forget that he does wear the Order of Whispers Heavy armor so he can't havebeen a thief, but that doesn't change the fact that back then I thought he could have been. So that is beside the point...

What do you all think of these? What else could you add(since I purposefully put very little so we can fully just have fun speculating)? What other ideas do you other thieves have?

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Longbow because who cares about thief getting a decent elite spec? At least this way, you can continue playing D/P with SB for another 5-10 years to come.

No need to learn new play styles. If you want to do that, just go play another more interesting class.

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One of the reasons why I decided to do this is when I was looking out of curiosity, there was some from even back before HoT that wanted a rifle and I saw a decent amount of people also pre-HoT wanting staff.... Anet seemed to take these opinions and kind of just improve upon them and flesh them out a lot more. Figured it would just be fun to just speculate and theorize a little. Plus the only one I really wanted before looking was greatsword for the thief(even if I don't think it's gonna happen) and I also always liked the idea behind the Bladedancer from the games that do have it, not necessarily for gw2. Majority of this is just what I saw when I was curious.

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