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Winds of Disenchantment cooldown reduction


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If it is to be traitable, give all meditations an additional effect when used.

EG - Winds of Disenchantment, lasts 5 seconds and provides Protection + Retaliation to all alies in the radius.If i see another trait that says - use meditation skills to gain adrenalin i'd end up flipping since that is the laziest most un-fun thing to do with a trait.Since the babyfication of the Zerker... I do hope warrior at least gains some form of complexity, something thats fun to use, something you have to think about using rather than spam spam spam.

Which is why I really want an elite spec for warrior that focuses on battle support - true support this time not that passive BS banner + Might bot.

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Tricky but I'll argue against making it augment-able with traits, well aware that a certain super-size me Elite skill is.

It's always about the trade-offs. Going Hulk and getting a physical skill bonus, of which from a utility perspective is lackluster compared to Spellbreaker utilities helps with balance. Many of the physical traits are single target, and if AoE, have some sort of cast-time or limit to them whereas Spellbreakers are pretty much instant and/or extremely beneficial to the warrior.

So that in mind, let's talk Rampage vs Winds. Rampage is a self-centric buff that provides ongoing stability, a good boost in health, and lots of power to make those fists do justice. If you are squishy and taking the heat from a big boi, you are doing it wrong, get out of the way. Rampage does more damage and more often than not ensure the warrior lives after the effect with the health boost. Winds is way different, in a good way.

Winds is a commitment to denying a key aspect to combat, which is buffs. The change to make it trickle damage doesn't dissuade the fact that, a Spellbreaker is doing nothing else but stopping his opponents from getting stronger. The attack damage from the circle is very minimal it's really just a reminder that the opponent is in their field. What it does though, it is extraordinary important in many things, most arguably WvW and PvP and until recently PvE (unless it's required).

I don't want to go into specifics so I would rather hit up what I think the benefits of what we have currently are for open world PvE.

Rampage is the tool for CC and Self-health.Winds is the tool for group safety and select open world bosses.

I would run Signet or Rampage in open world specifically, but I might run winds because there's a lot of ranged mobs that I love denying pressure from.

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Personally I'd like a different approach:

60 second cooldown default.After channeling for the full duration, add a flip over skill that reactivates it for half the radius (180) and target cap (5), but no longer requires a channel. Adds 60 seconds to the cooldown.

This makes it so it's actually KINDA usable in skirmishes as you can fully commit to the bubble and get rewarded for doing so by giving you doubled duration, but now you can actually fight in it. Enemies can counter by ccing so you don't get the full bubble and making it so you don't get the flip over, but you don't get as heavily punished since the base CD is now 60.

It also lets you have a new combo field to actually play around with, even if it's locked behind a 5 second channel. I REALLY wanted a new combo field for warrior to interact with, especially with MH Dagger being perfectly suited for it and the loss of Decapitate's leap finisher (I had so much fun with this).

Also add in a meditation trait please.-20% CD to meditations and unique bonus specific to the meditation.

Break Enchantments removes boons from self as well, inflicting Disenchantment (1s) on enemies per boon removed from yourself. Prioritizes Might, then Swiftness, then Fury before other boons.

Imminent Threat DESTROYS enemy aoes and combo fields in the area. (Increase CD to 60 before trait).

Sight Beyond Sight is now a counter state that blocks attacks from stealthed enemies as well as Phantasms and Clones (I CAN SEE THROUGH THAT). Blocking these attacks reveals the source, unevadeable and unblockable (similar to stealth trap). No Longer has Ammo. If you do not block any stealth attacks, gain an extra crit.(Instead of https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Attacker%27s_Insight which is block while attacking, super jank like on the old ranger sword skill)

Featherfoot Grace adjusted to gain bonus resistance and superspeed per condition on you (1s). When striking enemies, inflict Cripple and Transfer a Condition (1s ICD). Whenever you SUCCESSFULLY transfer a condition this way, reduce your remaining resistance and superspeed duration by 1s.(Combined with https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Grenth%27s_Grasp from GW1)

Natural Healing casts 50% faster and heals 25% more if you have no boons, and 50% faster and heals 25% more if you have no conditions. Cast speed stacks multiplicatively (1/4 multiplier to cast time with both) and heal amount stacks additive (+50% with both).(Adding in the missing component from original with a slight bonus if you already have no boons/conditions).

Winds of Disenchantment damage is increased by 50% on first activation, 100% on second activation. The 60 second cd penalty when using the flip over is not affected by the Meditation cooldown trait.(So you don't lose offensive pressure when committing to bubble).

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