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Bug: Mount action causes ignored/missed mouse clicks

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Mounts can cause the game to end up in a state where right mouse button is held down but moving the mouse will not control the camera. The game misses registering the mouse button press if it happens around the same time as a mount action.

A simple way to reproduce:

  1. Mount raptor
  2. Press both space key to dash forward and hold down right mouse button to move camera at the same time
  3. If the timing is right, the mouse click will have no effect and cursor will just move around as if the button were never pressed
  4. Take a moment to realise why the camera isn't moving then release right mouse button, and press it again to actually start controlling the camera ><

I can reproduce it about 30% of the time when I'm trying to, just by mashing both space and click-hold at the same time. In game during normal play it happens to me a couple times an hour from trying to steer the camera at the same time as using a mount, it gets rather annoying with how often I accidentally run into it...

(the actual timing to reproduce seems to be space immediately before the click, sort of like the inverse of performing a jump-dodge. you can also use the mount action keybinding instead of space. dismounting and attempting the same key combo with normal jump, dodge, or other actions does not reproduce the issue)

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I found a way to reproduce 100% of time. First rightclick, but do not move the mouse. Then hit space to make raptor leap and then try to rotate the camer => Right click gets lost.

Edit: I also got some serious stutter while moving the mount camera with left click fast left to right and right to left while releasing and pressing left click (hard to explain)

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Aha, nice find. That reproduces the problem, and also led me to discover the variant that actually causes this bug for me during gameplay:

  1. Keep mouse still
  2. Raptor leap.
  3. Press+hold right mouse button without moving the mouse between the leap and the click
  4. Try to move mouse to rotate camera, fails.

So basically the order doesn't matter (click or mount event can be first), but not moving the mouse between the two actions is what causes it. Also tried with Jackal mount, has the same problem.

Re that stutter, I did notice when I'm on a mount and moving (autorun), left-click camera rotation often would get stuck momentarily then continue moving properly, it does seem a bit buggy.

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