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Request for a change in gameplay for the Flute

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  Hello!  I have a simple request, specifically for how the flute is played.  When we press the same note over and over, a note image popes up around the instrument but the previous note is only carried on.  When playing an air instrument in real life, sounding off the same note repeatedly is done by tongue tapping to very briefly silence the note before it continues again.  The only way we can simulate this as flute players is to physically move the character to stop the note before we repeat it again or to press the 'stop playing' skill followed by the note that needs to be repeated.  The problem with both of these methods is that it takes too much time to start playing the note again.  So if a song requires the same note to be repeated quickly, we cannot match the song.  The best we can do is continuously carry the same note, which isn't musically accurate and doesn't sound anything like the original song.  


I do like how the notes connect when they change with no silence in between them; so I'm not sure how difficult it would be to create a very tiny pause between only repeating notes, and having no pause when changing notes. Maybe there's a way to make the transition between the 'stop playing' skill and a note much faster and equally as responsive as changing notes.

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