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Expecting people to play 2000 games to reach rank 100 is cruel

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Given the state of pvp, i dont see how this monumental grind can even be dented without one losing all sanity. Im roughly 2/3 of the way there and lost all hope of ever being a decent person a long time ago. If others like me are attracted to shiny things please for the love of god quit while you still can its not worth it.

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PvP rank 100 is a medium term goal.

The mistforged items are an item that indicates dedication.

It doesn't mean skill, just dedication.

I'm approaching level 400, so I would be disappointed if they make the goal easier.

Even more people would finish quickly an leave.

Emptier pvp.

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How many hours does OP have ingame?

Just wondering. Many now exceed 10,000h of GW2. In WvW people have been rank 10,000 for a good while. PvP rank 100 seem kind of trivial if you play sPvP often.

Hell, I hear some people even play raids and fractal 100 in this game. Imagine that, content!

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@Paradoxoglanis.1904 said:

@Dawdler.8521 said:How many hours does OP have ingame?I started pvping about 3 seasons ago. Most of my time played is in pve/wvw.

Wish i started pvp back when it was more popular. I like pvp because i like the combat of gw2, but getting into it when the gamemode feels all but abandoned is pretty disheartening.

PvP has never received massive patches/upgrades. We're getting now essentially a slower set of updates, but still updates. There's people, still, too. So you're good to play. I wouldn't whine about R100, it's easily accomplishable.

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Expecting someone to reach the rank of 100 really isn't all that much to ask for to unlock the mistforged gear there are other ways to achieve ascended gear or legendary if that is your ultimate goal and with the change made back in 2014 made gaining rank a whole lot easier.

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@believe.6514 said:How do you check your current pvp rank? I have the dragon finisher but not sure if I am rank 100.

you can look at the bottom of your screen where the XP bar would be in the pvp lobby you can see your current rank or you can look at your character screen (upper right-hand corner ) it will also tell you your rank.

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I got to rank 100 after a bit less than 1600 games in total (although 200 of them were in custom arena, which gives a lot less EP - so probably worth around 1500 in total) with a 52% overall win rate. So with 1500 games with about 10 minutes as average match time + about 5min inbetween gives you 375h of PvP time to get to rank 100.Considering this is the very last pvp rank that actually provides anything and you only need it to get the special version of the legendary gear, I think this is actually a bit too fast.I mean you can get the legendary gear way earlier (this can be done within 3 pvp seasons because of the pvp league tickets), it's only the special shiny form you unlock with the rank so.. yea..

@Safandula.8723 said:if u think geting 100 rank on pvp for shiny armor is hard, u can instead get it from wvw :)

yea lel.. I actually wanted to make a full legendary set from WvW because I liked the skins the most for medium armor.. half way through the grind I decided to only make 4 parts and get the other 2 from sPvP (I'm mainly playing sPvP anyway and the last 2 skins weren't that important).I mean you can semi-afk your way through WvW and only kill 1 guy or flip one camp every 10 minutes to reset the participation timer but then again.. it's reaaally time consuming.

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I think the OP got his calculation wrong, unless his win ratio is only 25%

I've played 3.5 seasons(? i began mid season during last xmas, missed out on half of last season moving home), currently ranked 55, Total 605 matches (533 ranked) play over lifetime with win ratio of 47%, 3 matches in an hour, so around 200 hours played

By my calculation, I will need to play around 1550 games in total to reach rank 100

You get 1500 points per win and 500 points per loss, and rank 100 needs 1,509,500 point

Put these in a spreadsheet... not taking into account the extra bonus tiny points you earn for being Match ReadyAverage Points over 100 games = 1500 100 Win% + 500 100 (1-Win%)Total Game Required = 1,509,500 / Average Points over 100 games * 100

1500 100 47% + 500 100 (1-47%) = 96,000 rank points per 100 games1,509,500 / 96,000 * 100 = 1556.185567 games needed to hit rank 1001557 games / 3 matches per hour = 519 hours needed in total

if you can sit and play 8 hours a day... 519 / 8 = 64.875 days; so you just need just a bit over 2 months of pvp to hit that rank 100 (if I decide to quit my job, I would totally do it)

a far cry from WvW's shiny armor, at my pace of earning WXP, I need another 3 years, hence I stopped doing WvW except just getting the quick WvW dailies ones done for the reward track and get out

... and for WvW, you cannot have down time, you gotta be constantly moving capping things non-stop, where as PvP you constantly have downtime every 10min after intense fights, hence I find PvP more enjoyable than WvW

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