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every balance


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Mirage, both Condi and power, are still terribly overpowered and annoying in good hands. I've come across players, from top 20, playing it this season and they've been able to absolutely wreck their opponents with minimal effort.

People saying mesmers are no longer viable are generally bad with the class anyway and were simply too used to super easy mode Condi spamming.

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Game is ment to play w/o balance, towards meta(as in builds that can facilitate if ur bad or new) comps/builds.

Its a casual trolleyish pvp game who cares about balance, just play what makes u win with less effort, with more players paying low effort dps build game gets more balanced XD.... only works in theory...

Guys just forget about "balance in this game".... they have no one that understands about skilled pvx gameplay experience nor know how to achieve it.

Gw2 sadly is a pve game comunity, pvp is just there to disctract and troll a bit.https://www.arena.net/en/about

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