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WvW core swap Event a glimpse of Secondary Profession Choice for next Expansion?

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So if I understand this WvW core swap weekend properly, it looks like when you defeat an enemy, you obtain 5 skills from the defeated profession if you take the orb.

Besides a fun event, why would ANET be developing a system where the same 5 skills would obtainable by other classes?

I’m guessing that the next expansion will allow all professions to obtain a secondary profession with a few more skills be available from the new profession as an option.

Although this would probably be a ton of work, does anyone else think this feature could even be implemented?

Would anyone pick a secondary profession instead of an elite spec to produce a Warrior with a secondary Thief profession instead of Berserker or Spell Breaker ?

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It's probably a prototype of skill mechanic changes for future elite specs to be honest. Complex changes to skills for future elite specs will probably go through a bunch of prototyping and module testing to see what is possible before planning new features. Might turn into an elite spec, might turn out to be nothing.

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