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If GW 2 finally has an expansion exploring The Unending Ocean and Bubbles my dream will come TRUEEEE

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I've waited so long for the UW (underwater) dragon and the oceans of Tyria to be explored. Ever since I first played GW 2 and learned about the 6 Elder dragons, the UW one stood out to me the most. Especially since it was a mystery and little was known about it. The anticipation, the references and signs in the maps and in the missions, the fact that all the other dragons have been explored, all of it makes me SOO EXCITED to finally go in the ocean and see what's been happening under there.

With the last episode's map Dragonfall RIGHT next to the Unending Ocean and Living World Season 5 ready to begin, I really do feel like Bubbles is coming for the next expansion. The upcoming LW season will probably build up to it.

Also, aside from the dragon story, I'm really excited that UW maps might finally be delved into in an MMORPG game of this size. No other MMO has really put the time and development into making UW content, exploration, movement, combat, ect a real and likable feature of the game.

Anet has a great opportunity to be the first. They did it with their mastery system, with mounts, and now with the 3rd expansion they can be one of - if not the first - to revolutionize UW content in an MMORPG!

I don't know what's coming next, but I've never been more excited for the future of GW 2 than I am now!

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When we get to Bubbles i expect we'll fight him in Cantha after trapping him in the Jade Sea..

Either that or we'll lure him to land or something.

Either way I still want more underwater combat in Gw2, i'm a big fan of it regardless of how much criticism it gets.Gw2 does underwater combat better than any other MMO and Anet should both be proud of that and take advantage of it by adding more underwater areas and an Underwater mount.

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@Zephyr.5382 said:We won't necessarily spend 100% of our time actually in the water, with an underwater expansion. Think Gungans from the Star Wars prequels, and their enclosed, underwater cities.

This. Can you imagine spending any serious amount of time unable to use your primary weapons, and for most professions, a large chunk of their utilities?

I spend a bit of time across multiple alts running around core tyria farming maps, as I find it relaxing, fun to try other professions, and there is always the hope of landing a key upon map complete. As such, you have to be ready for those underwater hearts, and it astounds me how butchered almost all my builds get soon as I sink under the waves.

I think the only toons I have that enjoy under water are my Guardian, Ranger and Revenant. For my Scourge, Holosmith, Mirage and Daredevil, underwater is just painful. My Warrior doesn't seem to mind it too much, but I also don't play him too often.

So before we get all excited about underwater combat, let's first acknowledge that still many utilities across many professions don't work / don't work well under water.

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With underwater landmasses it can work. Like Jar Jar Binks people (yes not the greatest of the franchise but serves well as an example, sw phantom menace) living underwater in a lake with shielded bubble dome. And gigantatic sea creatures (also like the creatures in earlier mentioned movie) which we can fight with the use of underwater mounts.

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We have seen the implementation of speed swimming, and the third expansion could see the beginning of an underwater mount such as a dolphin, shark, and I think the coolest of all for me would be an hippocampus. On a different note don't think of an underwater expansion as 100% underwater.You could have 30% underwater, where we kill bubbles with speed swimming assist also with underwater mounts. 70% land where we have to deal with the emperor and free the people of Cantha. :o

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