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No event participation awarded increasing on Hologram Stampede

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@"Stephane Lo Presti.7258" " said:The event participation awarded per enemy in the Hologram Stampede has been increased.

I don't see any changement, i still don't have loot... Too much people zerging the ennmies... Personnally i think it'll be a good idea to increase scalling of the ennemy.

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That doesn't mean the rewards are increased, it means what you do awards you with more participation on the event (read: people who are late or in large zergs will need to contribute less to still participate in the event), which should make overzerging the events less likely.

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Its bugged. Did the Stampede in Wayfarer Foothill twice today, without anything counting towards any event reward or achievement. Did it a third time in Dredgehaunt Cliffs and got gold participation and the 3 daily bonus rewards but just 3 Minions counted towards Minion Masher... Other people in Dredgehaunt Cliffs map chat had the same problem I had in Wayfarer Foothills before.


And since people suggested "Deal more damage", it happened on my full ascended berserk Mesmer while my other Mesmer on exotic soldier gear got gold participation without a problem, both spamming the greatsword skills into the groups

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