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Using Gw2 music in a speed paint?

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Hi,I dont know if its the right place to ask, but I made a paint of a asura piloting a golem and I'm working on making a speed draw video of said paint. My question is: will Arenanet let me use their music (Gw2 OST) in my speed paint or will they take it out?

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You probably shouldn't have much of an issue using the music outside of maybe getting an automatic copyright claim from Youtube's systems, but that only stops you from making ad revenue from the video. Of course there is always the chance that the copyright holder is Jeremy Soule and not Anet, so any sort of reaction from him may be different if there is one, but I dunno.

I will say, I have seen full uploads of the soundtrack on Youtube that I'm pretty sure are still there, and from my personal experience I've never had a copyright claim for soudtracks bits in any of the Guild Wars vids I've done over the years (unlike some other games I've played), so you probably should have any issues posting something that uses parts of the game soundtrack.

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