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Scrapper PvP- Am I gimping myself by not using Elixir Gun?


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Hoping you all can help.While going for my PvP Legendary Backpack, I've had a lot of fun playing scrapper.

Not being an engie main, I run the meta build on metabattle w/ Bulwark, Purge and Blast Gyro (instead of Elixir gun) w/sneak Gyro.I've found blast gyro to be really useful. It's great to knock people off downs, off ledges and generally cause mayhem.

Am I severely gimping myself by not using the Elixir Gun?Is it situational for matches?


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Blast gyro has been surprisingly helpful in a support capacity.It's often, that I'm playing with some pretty bad players.And I am running in to save them and turn the fight.Blast gyro with sneak works well for that as it interrupts the stomp and causes chaos.

It's also the only tool I have for decaping a point.

Maybe I am playing the build wrong.Or its better used for certain class Matchups

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