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[EU] Looking for people to casually play with


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Hello there!To start this off: I am NOT looking for a Guild!With that out of the way...

So anyway, lately i've just been logging on to get the daily stuff, but I kinda want to get back into the game. But yknow, alone it is boring...I'm just looking for some people to casually do stuff ingame, doing maps, events, fractals, PvE-Stuff in General, maybe even PvP-Stuff.

As the Title suggests, I'm from the EU, Germany to be specific, so my timezone is UTC+1.

I got absolutely nothing against new players, love to help people get started!I'm also not looking for a Mentor or anything like that, I like to learn stuff on my own and not just straight up being told what to do.Other than that, I really dont care about how much experience you got in the game.I'd prefer to use voice-chat in form of discord, but it isnt something i absolutely insist on.

So yeah, hit me up on Discord to make things easier or send me some mail ingame if youre interested!Discord: Raze#6708


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