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Ideas for the next Dragon Bash

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Mini Moa Racers as reward, perhaps through an achievement or Jorbreaker purchase. I want Meep.

Maybe some difficulty and reward scaling for the arena. As it is now, it's pretty chill and fun for a little bit but gets dull after 1 round through all the bosses.

And open-world collection hunt kind of like the Mad King back piece would be neat addition.

Maybe a meta event in town where everyone fights a holo boss dragon.

The new race and adventure are really fun and I hope it's in Hoelbrok again.

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Event is quite nice as it is but it lacks challenges and large scale feeling.Hologram stampede could be fun but far too easy.As i was doing hologram stampede in Lornar's pass, i thought it would be nice to use holographic technology to revive lw season 1 iconic events (twisted marionnette, battle on the breachmaker, tower of nightmares, etc.)For ANet, it would avoid the issue of having theses events in their original maps.Moreover, if it's bound to a festival, it would build enough hype to draw significant amounts of players to provide the "large scale" feeling of these events.Players could thus discover them or play them again.

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