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Pinata Bashing Adventure skills bugged?

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So sometimes with Dragon Launch (skill 3), I get launched further distance than others. I'm not sure what's causing it, as I don't have swiftness either time. It's not like this all the time, other times I fall short. Is this some weird bug, or am I just not 200IQ enough to understand this?

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@"Eramonster.2718" said:Not sure about the distance thing, but felt it's very much the same (do overshot sometimes but might be my positioning). Do have limited control mid air during the leap (similar to character falling) and skill #2 can be used mid air to disrupt/stop skill #3's leap.

So after some testing.. it seems that if you do the beetle race first.. then do the pinata bashing adventure.. you can fly further with skill 3 (and maybe 2) than you normally would have. Each time I attempt after beetle I get more "air time" distance, but if I try to do the Pinata before even touching beetle race.. the distance is shorter.

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