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Path of Fire was much better than I expected


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During the beta test weekends, I had a lot of doubts about PoF, especially the mounts.

I have to say, the mounts have been a lot of fun especially the griffons and Jackal.

I think the mastery system was done a lot better than Heart of Thrones (now I know there are a few of there out there who disagree), but as a casual player, I want to play what I find fun in the game, not have to grind to play the game. I think this expansion has really gone back to the original GW2 philosophy of a MMO without the grind, really enjoying it.

Also really happy that I could use the HP I accumulated during HoT to unlock the new elite specs, again letting us play the game we want to play.

The mounts were also unlocked in an order which meant that players didn't 'level up the wrong mastery points' which could've been an issue with heart of thrones. Also the hero points which you can achieve mostly solo and sometimes with duo (or a small party depending on the point and class your playing) is a big plus.

The maps especially Vabbi and Riverlands are very beautiful, although personally (I think I am biased towards jungle maps) I really do like some of the HoT maps better.

The new elite specs are really well done as well, the weaver brings back the fast paced feel that eles use to have during the dagger/dagger days. I think the specs obviously need to be balanced and its going to take time, but the mechanics are a lot of fun in across pretty much all the specs.

For the first time in a long time, I have been trying to get players back (and new players) into GW2. Although some are refusing to come back after their experience with HoT grind/raids, I think this expansion took a huge step in the right direction.

Well done on the release!

P.S Thank you for the larger inventory bags!

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