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[EU] Talkative casual looking for active guild


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Hey Guildleaders and Officers,

Im looking for a voice chat active guild. After coming back to a dieing guild Im looking for a more active guild, most important is talking while playing for me. Its summertime so ofc I wont be online 24/7 but at least some days. Atm my goal is to catch up with some achievements, I still couldnt do everything from PoF till now. Beside that I used to raid before my break but its not a must since there are quite good raiding communities out there aswell. Furthermore Im "leading" a community guild for new and returning players that want a guild where they can ask all questions and find others in their current state. I dont invest so much time into it tho, since Im to lazy to host regular events and stuff. ^^'

More to the person behind the 39 chars on my acc:-> Becii is also my nickname in RL-> soon 27 yo-> Studying to be a teacher so behave or u get homework!-> I'm funny.. at least I think that, I stopped asking others (didnt like their answer o.O)-> I hate being bad at a game but also hate to practise rotations :sweat_smile:-> Im very talkative; Ive a Elementalist called "Becii Talksalot" coz I friend said Ive to keep that keyfarm char; no joke :sweat_smile:-> I have a own instagramaccount for my gaming but I tend to be lazy there aswell :> (beciichan in case u wanna see old posts :'D)-> I also played Guild Wars (1)-> My main is a condi Warrior-> I would like to 2nd main my mesmer but learning rota is not my fav task ig-> I love to make lists and google spreadsheets ^^'

So in case u think I would fit into ur guild pls contact me ingame just write to Becii :smile:

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