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Ranger traited spirit tooltips are missing "Number of Allied Targets: X" text

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A Ranger such as a Druid might want to take the Nature's Vengeance trait. It looks like this in-game on hover:x3FQ6QQ.png

Now hovering over one of the Spirit utilities is missing the important "Number of Allied Targets" text (for the traited boon). Pictured here is Storm Spirit:NNnUJ7a.png

Q: Why is this missing text important?A: When using the active of an already-summoned spirit, it teleports to your location and causes an effect on targets. These are generally enemy targets, though it'd be nice if the Water Spirit text also said "Allied Targets" instead of just "Targets".
With the Nature's Vengeance trait, per the first screenshot, these spirits also grant boons on 10 Allied Targets. It's unclear from the second in-game screenshot that the (traited) Storm Spirit's active skill would grant Fury to ten allies. All we can see is that the Damage and Daze would affect 5 enemy targets.

A copy-paste of the Nature's Vengeance "Number of Allied Targets: X" (in Blue) onto any traited spirit tooltip would be great. Thanks.

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