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Mount License Purchase Improvements

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Hello, good ANET folks,

I have a request, probably relatively simple regarding the Gem Store and purchases of Mount skins/licenses.

Due to my neglect of detail in reviewing previous purchases, I over purchased on Adoption Licenses. Currently, other than hovering over each skin in the Mount tab of the Hero Panel, there is no way to easily identify what skins are available in a pack much less which ones you've unlocked or even how many you've purchased/unlocked when buying in the Gem Store. I noticed just today the new Mount Pack for Skyscale does indicate the individual skins you've unlocked, but the Shimmering Skyscale Skin does not (can't confirm anything not currently in store). I do realize that the API for mounts is new and assume these things are tied together, but a quick update to some visibility of mount skin purchases, especially with regards to adoption licenses would be very helpful for players. With the increase in skins, it would also be nice to add a grouping capability in the Mount tab to highlight what license sets they are in (similar to dyes).

Thanks for reading and hopeful consideration.


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@"Inculpatus cedo.9234" said:Whilst you await the implementation of this suggestion, you may find this helpful: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mount#List_of_mount_skins (The Widget will show which Mount Skins are unlocked.)

Good luck.

The API features in the Wiki are growing and they are nice. I didn't know this page, in particular, had been so usefully updated. Efficiency's Mount page will be getting a similar filter treatment soon as well.

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