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Optional service specific credentials

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Atm we use a single pair of account name + password for

  1. Account Management: higher security necessary to avoid account misappropriation;
  2. The game: medium security needed to avoid ingame goods misappropriation;
  3. This forum.I'd like to conveniently store the forum credentials in my browser, like i do with every other board. In this case however, that would be negligent since it is shared with 1+2. So, allowing us to generate separate credential pair for 2+3 would benefit both security and convenience.
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@Yargesh.4965 said:Since the ToS specifically prohibits sharing an account I can't see this happening.

This has nothing to do with sharing an account. The op is asking to have a separate login for the forums and the game as this is a high security risk if you have others sharing your PC, which Anet has no right to dictate to anyone. This has been brought up before and ignored.

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