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Balance patch notes for next week...

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It’s going to happen within the next week or two...if it doesn’t, contact me and Ill send you some gold.

Either way, It doesn’t matter when they drop the patch...that’s not the point. Unless anet is making decisions on the fly about balance, they definitely have the notes they want to implement available, or at least an idea of what they want to change. All i’m asking for is more transparency and communication because balance patches are fun and enjoyable to look forward to. It’s a plus for them to release them early or give us a hint of what they want to focus on. People, including myself, get hyped about changes.

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my crystal ball tells me:

Holo: Elite laster beam cooldown 60 -> 90Holo: F5 Skills reduce damage by 20 %

Ranger: sic em: 40 % damage -> 10 % damage (only WvW and PvP )Ranger: overall reduces speed by 25% ( only WvW )

Mesmer: WvW only: add mirage cloak Internal cooldown 8 seconds. Ambush skills still works ( with normal dodge instead)

Ele: Dagger mainhand skills (all 3) increase flat damage by 20%Ele dagger air 1 range 300 -> 360

warrior ( WvW only ) increase travel speed from rush by 50% ( in fight only )

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