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Elite Spec concept -Shadow Dancer-


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Elite Name: Shadow DancerCloaked in shadow magic they dance around the battlefield, dealing conditions that damage and debilitate their enemies. They also have access to a unique condition that has its effect change depending on the game mode.Weapon unlocked: Greatsword - a melee cleave condition damage weapon that has a lot of emphasis around a little bit of confusion and poison to synergize with one of the elite spec traits that converts poison to a stronger condition.Weapon Skills:AA combo - Applies stacking conditions with each strike. Inflicts poisonShadow Onslaught - charge forward dealing damage and conditions to each enemy in your path. Can hit one enemy multiple times if they are larger. inflicts poison, torment.Blade Dance - do a dance dealing damage to several enemies in the area around you applying condition damage. attack hits 10x spread to enemies around you. Inflicts confusion and poison on each hit.Shadow Spiral - A spinning attack that uses a small amount of initiative that can be spammed to create a whirlwind of conditions. Inflicts poison and cripple.Relentless Strikes - Attack a single target in front of you repeatedly extremely fast applying condition for each successful hit. Inflicts poison.

Utility/Elite: Dance skills, with the exception of the heal skill they have a cast time and have an aoe effect. They have a large radius, but you are locked in place for a sec or two.Healing skill - Absorption - You heal yourself for a small amount and you will give yourself a short duration buff that causes all ranged attacks that hit you, to heal you.Rapid Dance - you can cause your poison conditions to accelerate the damage they would deal over time into instantly dealing burst damage. (for balance sake they may lose the amount of total damage dealt)Dance of Paralysis - causes enemies to become immobilized and when immobilized ends they are crippled.Dance of Paranoia - causes enemies that you have conditions on to gain stacks of confusion if they have more torment stacks, or gains torment when they have more confusion stacks.Elite: Dance of Madness - creates a field around you that applies poison, torment, confusion to enemies that stand inside it. Lasts for a decent duration.

Traits::Minor Traits:Shadow Poison - Converts poison into shadow poison that changes based on game mode. PvE/WvW - the damage of poison is increased to be comparable to burning. PvP - The damage stays the same as normal poison, instead it causes all healing to be converted into damage instead.. (for the sake of balance, the damage may be lowered in comparison to the heal itself. The idea is to severely punish healing while the condition is on the person.)Senselessness - Deal increased damage when the enemies have conditions that deal damage to themselves based on their actions. (torment and confusion)Stealing Shadows - When you kill an enemy the f1 skill is reset.F1 changes: Steal ---> Shadow Form - You cloak yourself in shadow causing incoming attack to have a high chance of missing. The chance of missing deteriorates over time at an interval of 5s completely vanishing after 20s.Role: Condi-damage, can turn the condi-damage into burst at the cost of total damageMechanics: This is a hit and run type of class. You want to jump in get as many hits as you can before your shadow form losses to much effect and get out. Once you have done enough hits to apply conditions, if you want to burst the damage all at once then use Rapid Dance. If you want to retreat then use Paralysis, they will be immobilized while you are locked in place and once you are no longer locked the enemies around you will be crippled. Absorption can also be helpful when getting away when they try to rely on ranged weapons.

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