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Pay-to-win 2.0


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@Aeolus.3615 said:

@Thornwolf.9721 said:This game is NOT pay to win, I suggest you move your attention to the original Arche-age because that my friends was pay to win. Hell arguably even ESO is pay to win with their optional sub giving you all the dlc content and more space in your bank, allowing you to do more for less..

The awfull balance and lack of atention to it made players start to see gw2 as pw2.Lets say the powercreep on some gimmicks release
made it a bit more towards
p2w since it was carrying most of us using those new specs...
yet gw2 isnt p2w

Games with easiers ways and more eficient with less effor needed to play on pay content that gives uperhand againt other players isa bit of p2w but that wont decide is a game is trully pw2 , gw2 used a bit this due its lack of balance but it doesnt make it a p2w game, people need to see IF is really ment to have a upper hand or if it's a issue of developer not caring about pvp balance in wich was the case.Games with powercreep consumes and items on store is pure p2w.

Well things need to be super strong, and bloated at their launch to inspire the sale of the expansion. Every game does this. However its not pay to win, Expansions are exactly that they are expansions to the existing game and to say otherwise is just utter non-sense. If you have an issue with expansions, or an issue with classes/specs being added than MMO's are not for you and as guild wars 2 has learned... dont cater to those outside of the genre's scope. You can't please everyone, but you can please those who enjoy the game.

Their lack of drive, and their laziness in balance is not mutually exclusive with expansions. The same stuff happened at launch with classes so? Does that mean that the core game which originally had a box price is pay to win? Because you had to buy the product to play the game? Somewhere I believe, someone believes this warped sense of logic and if this is something you can stand behind than I firmly disagree with the right for ones opinion. Pay to win is selling power, its not the same as classes/specs this is like legitamentally selling you max level gear on the gem-store for real money. And no where in this game does this exist (Unless you decide to convert gems to gold, to buy legendries.)

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