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Cannot attune a Blood Ruby Band

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Zommy sometimes gets persnickety about recipes (like a cat deciding that the food you've been feeding him for 7 years isn't good enough tonight). When that happens, try the following:

  • Try inputting the items in a different order.
  • Double check you have the correct ones (e.g. that you haven't already attuned and want to infuse instead)
  • If that doesn't work, try on a different character (that, of course, shouldn't matter in the least; surprisingly it can work to resolve the issue)
  • Close the game, try again.
  • Repair the client (for instructions, click on the support link above and 'ask' about repair; you'll get a link to the knowledge base article)

99.999% of the time, it turns out to work eventually and isn't a permanent or widespread issue.

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