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Received "Guildwars Secret Survey" to my Email

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Just checked my email this evening, and apparently NCSoft sent me an email of a Survey that i'm supposed to keep...secret? And the first few questions looked more like a fishing scheme than an actual Survey. When I did a reply, I was sent an error message....in Korean Hongul. Doesn't sound legit, when you put a comment in the body saying, "Keep this survey secret." So....yah, between the Korean which I don't speak, and it telling me to keep things secret i'm going to say no, I Don't Trust it.

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Well, it doesn't ask for any personal information; it's just a Survey Monkey survey, asking about War Eternal.
Still, do as one deems best.

Maybe we are referring to two different emails. Mine doesn't say 'secret', it says, "You've been individually selected for this mission, so please don't forward the invitation to anyone else."

If you have some email from someone that says 'secret', maybe you should be wary.

Good luck.

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