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Book of Bounty Hunter Boot Recipes - Priory Historian Elisa

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I think there is something strange occurring, or some sort of bug regarding the availability or random cycling of the Bounty Hunter Recipes offered from Priory Historian Elisa. I have been checking Elisa's wares for over 2.5 weeks, save potentially a max of 2 days, just to allow for my own error. Over that period, the Book of Bounty Hunter Boot Recipes item has not been available for purchase from Elisa. Everything BUT the boots have been available. I have also noticed it is not just myself that is looking for these boots. In-game, I have come across at least 2 other people attempting to acquire this item from Elisa for approximately the same period of time. I have consistently checked Elisa for a guaranteed minimum of 1.5 weeks, and the item has not been available for purchase. I may have consistently checked for a longer period of time, but I haven't kept precise records. Has anyone else noticed this?

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