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[Mac Client] While mounted, "Use scrolling gesture to change direction" not working

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Well, technically it IS working, but only while moving, and only if you don't press A or D, because those inputs will take precedence over the scrolling gesture. That it doesn't work while stationary is especially frustrating because it means you can't easily move the camera around to take in your surroundings. It also means that if you press A or D while scrolling to move the camera, instead of strafing in the direction pressed on the keyboard, you turn instead, making it much harder to look around while moving.

I'm sure that people will say just to use a mouse, because it's superior. That's true, but before mounts it was completely and comfortably playable without one, and I'm currently laid up due to a back injury, so the only way I can play is laying in bed with my Macbook, and it's so much easier in that situation to use the laptop's trackpad.

My Mac specs, for posterity:

Model Name: MacBook AirModel Identifier: MacBookAir6,1Processor Name: Intel Core i5Processor Speed: 1.4 GHzNumber of Processors: 1Total Number of Cores: 2L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KBL3 Cache: 3 MBMemory: 4 GBBoot ROM Version: MBA61.0103.B00SMC Version (system): 2.12f143

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