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Bottling a Djinn, The Endless Struggle of a Guild Lord

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![](jrI3Kl9.pngSince the rise of Joko, me and my stalwart guild members have fought many battles and earned many acheivements and trophies. By working hard together we are proud of what we accomplish.However...the whims of the Djiin prove to be fickle.I have attempted to bottle an endless Djiin in a tonic, and after over 100 attempts the lady of the Elon Luck has failed me once more.I am broken and hopeless, and now my guild mocks me endlessly.I hope that out there you are listening Zommoros... Arena-net Commando's... anyone... I am in need of your assistance.Sincerely yours forever,Mystrious Poetjuh [GOTD]

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