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The fireworks cooldown....

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….is way too long. 5 secs before ANY of the others can be launched? I can understand if 1 of them can't be launched right away, but as it is, to use up the entire package, it takes 45 seconds. I'm staring at my stack of 100+ fireworks sad because I don't have the patience.

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Huh, I didn't even think of the raid area, that's a nifty idea.

On the other hand I got that achieve in a day or two at the festival's start while giddily doing a lot of other things it offered. The free fireworks from the gem store did a hunk of it without cooldown, there are fast-firing launchers all over the festival, I had long minutes to wait for beetle and moa races to end or stampedes to begin in which I could just tap out fireworks while watching Map chat.

Also, a trick I've learned for when fireworks is a daily is to equip a fireworks bundle and set one off while running to a launcher. Use the launcher, set off another firework while running to the next launcher. If you weave them together like that the tedious cooldown is less of a factor because you're still advancing to other things while doing it.

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