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Anet releases Trinket skins, which trinket skins would you fashion yourself with?

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All old trinkets would have their own skin (Amulet, Rings, Accessory)And they can be transmuted with Transmutation ChargesWhat kind of combination would transmute your trinkets instantly into?

List of ascended trinkets https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Ascended_trinket

My Asura would start with Feather of the Owl amuletOne Solaria, Circle of the Sun ring and one ‚ÄČLunaria, Circle of the Moon ringAnd Two Zinn's Data Crystal Accessory

Anet has been releasing stuff that surprised many so it wouldn't surprise if this would be real one dayWhat are your thoughts on this, would you like if anet released this?What kind of trinkets would you like to see from anet? thematically?


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I coudln't think of a bigger waste of a devs time tbh.1.... how many of us run around with zoom pushed all the way in so that we can see enough of our characters gear detail2... Considering most of the time we're looking at the back of our toons what possible use is a trinket skin anyway.3... with all the visual clutter how the heck you going to see all those trinket skins... heck just seeing your toon at some events is hard enough.

Nah waste of time and effort imo.

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I wish they'd make it possible to turn OFF the effects on the legendary trinkets. I'd really like to put Aurora and Vision on my main, but he is NOT PURPLE.

Please, Anet, please. Don't make us be stuck with one color theme if we want to equip the legendary earrings. Please.

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@Pifil.5193 said:So as non-legendary trinkets are invisible all you would change is the icon and name?

I wouldn't bother as I don't spend time looking at my equipment panel.

No Areanet was secretly working on skins for all old trinkets and new ones and they would release them allAnd you can change these skins and fashion yourself unto a new divine level

Woudnt you want a norn with a spirit animal trinket on your ear?I would want one! ^^

And for the people who hate the legendary trinket skins...Imagine this.... Invisible trinket skins...Or something you do like instead instead of the floating orbs around your head

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I want them to re-release each of the legendary trinkets, with NO aura, and make it have a cost in line with NOT having an aura. The only reason a single trinket cost 2k to make was because it had an attached aura, which is just a waste.

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