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[EU][PvE] Looking for a Casual+ Raiding guild


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I've been playing the game for about a year now and I've done some raiding in that time. I've cleared the first 4 wings and a couple bosses from wings 5 and 6. I also did wing 4 CMs once. I enjoy challenging PvE content and tackling it as a group. I haven't really properly raided in a few months since my initial raiding guild's static group devolved into selfish pursuit of individual progression. Mainly I just do daily fractals now, but looking to properly get back into raiding again.

What I'm looking for

I'm not really interested in training guilds, but would rather have a static group that I could do progression with. I want to feel a part of a group that wants to learn and progress as a group. Ideally I would want a group that has roughly the same level of experience as me (some individual exceptions are okay as long as they don't carry the group), but I don't mind joining a less experienced group either as I understand finding a group with the same amount of experience as me might be next-to-impossible. I would prefer to raid at least twice as week.

What I bring to the table

  • I have every profession (not every spec though), but I prefer playing DPS of either kind.
  • Timezone is GMT+3
    • Able to raid (if scheduled in advance of course) any day between 16:00 and 21:00 Server Time (the latter being when i definitely have to go to sleep :P). Longer on the weekends.
  • I have the Fractal Champion title in case that matters :P

You can message or mail me in-game for further info about what I might've missed in this post in case my post peaked your curiosity.-Frusco

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