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Build templates and expansion

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Build templates: this feature is announced and in development (although this means it can be in the "planned" phase, also the actual amount of work needed is unknown. It depends on how many database modification is needed to implement it), so it is not possible to put a timeframe on it. Months or even years is more realistic then weeks. There are no known plans for another expansion, it does not seem something currently being worked on and not currently planned.

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I think they'll want to get build templates out as soon as they can. They've already told us it's coming, it's something a lot players want and it will almost certainly need to be a base game update rather than an expansion (or Living World) feature because I can't imagine it would work if some people had it and others didn't - like when they've changed traits and how skills unlock in the past. But they might want to wait until we're in between things like raid releases, PvP tournament and WvW events so people can take their time getting used to the new system before they need to use it. They might also want to wait until there's other stuff to bundle it with like a Living World episode or other features for a Feature Pack update, rather than doing just the one thing on it's own. I can't see that would delay it more than a month though. I know people complain about long waits for updates but it's pretty rare for this game to go more than a month without something being released.

The bigger problem is likely to be making it. If I remember correctly we were previously told build templates weren't possible, due to the way skills and traits are programmed in GW2. I assume someone has figured that out now, but they've still got to build the system (along with all the UI changes etc. to get it working properly), get it approved and get it passed by QA. We have no idea how much progress they'd made when it was announced - it might have been just after they cracked the initial problem - or if the people involved are working only on this or on lots of different projects. So it's impossible for us to say how long it will take them to finish it.

As for an expansion we already know Season 5 is coming next, and that will almost certainly take about a year (if we assume 6 episodes, 2 months apart). I'm not expecting them to announce what's coming next, whether that's another living world season, an expansion or something else entirely, until we're at least 1/2 way through the season and it won't be released until after Season 5 finishes. That's the way they've always done it so I don't see anything unusual in the fact that we've not been told what's coming after Season 5 and I don't expect to hear anything until the start of 2020 at the earliest.

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This was something that needed to be implemented within the first year of the game. I thought people were using ArchDPS for templates for now?

Honestly, the game has sooo much content that I'm good without an expansion for now. Between Fractals, WVW, PVP, Bosses, RAIDS, and festival events; it's overload.

I think when you say you want an expansion you really need to say what specifically you want in the game, because really I don't enjoy doing the story mode; sorry. I can do it for about 10-15 minutes and then just can't anymore.-

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@kharmin.7683 said:

@"Dutchdevil.6902" said:Hi,

Guys, what is your best real bet when the build templates will be in the game?And will there ever be another expansion and when (guess)?

Can the devs give a roadmap when stuff releases? Dice is doing that with battlefield (even though that game is a drama atm)

Not quite what the op is asking for.

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