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[Roleplayers] Dear A-Net, pls bring back some beautiful rp-spots!

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What about Kaineng? Is it known how many people can be in that map at the same time? While it doesn't seem to have a lot of private homes or chairs you can sit on it is at least not overrun with players.
I've never understood why Arenanet has such a hard time understanding or caring for RP. I guess they don't have a lot of devs who come from tabletop or other forms of roleplay.

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Kaineng has one tea house, it's awesome, that's for sure, but there is an event often running. When the event is happening, you can't sit on the chairs, which are actually fun, as you're really drinking tea when sitting down. (sorry if that's a spoiler) The amount of open areas in Kaineng I think is great, less chances of having people choosing the same spot for the RP events I guess, but on the other side, the size of it also makes it hard to find public RP. But that's just me maybe. I do love Arborstone I must say and Club Canach, both great areas to RP, if the trolls leave you alone. Which in time I think will happen once the story continues and people have less reason to be in Arborstone besides the fully rested boon.

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I don't roleplay in this game but I'd love to get into it coming from WoW. I've also noticed that a lot of great RP spots like the secret Asura facility and such are inaccessible when not doing the personal story. It would help a lot as having more 'out of the way' places to RP helps with the problems that RPers seem to face in GW2 with all zones being constantly busy thanks to megaservers. It would be nice to just flag for RP or something and for the game to prefer to phase you into maps with other RPers in.

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