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Helpful repository / tutorials for sPvP?

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Hi guise,

I've been in a love-hate relationship with GW2 since release. I recently started getting into sPvP, but it has a pretty steep learning curve. Is there any reddit/wiki/repo/YT channel that deals with explaining map strategies and build guides (like DnT does for PvE content)? While I'm not the worst player, I often get a feeling I'm not doing what I'm supposed to do at any given point. That makes the whole PvP shtick kind of awkward. Any help would be appreciated.

Cheers and love,


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I'd like to recommend Woodenpotatoes 2 channel on youtube, mostly because it's a post-commentary on games where every rotation is explained, and because it showcases different builds and roles. Basically it explains everything moment to moment and gives detailed reasoning for every decision.

Just hit the "Game of the day" playlist, and you'll be well on your way.

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Despite his recent video, Jawgeous shoutcasts daily and monthly automated tournaments on the EU server, and gives some in depth analysis of build archetypes, roles, team compositions, etc. There's also the Gods of PVP site which features some standard meta builds.

There are also a number of good profession-specific YouTube and Twitch channels, of which I'm sure other forum goers—especially in the PVP sub-forum—can provide suggestions for.

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Just make sure you understand the logic of rotations, since this is where most struggle. Also make sure to constantly use your minimap and party panel to make quick decisions about where you're needed.

I think Vallun has a video on sPvP roles on youtube, which is an important aspect to understand aswell as it will predict your actions.

When it comes to in-game analysis and what carries a game, Sindrener (also yt) has alot of videos on that. He mostly explains what his team is doing wrong, which means you need some understanding of the mode to appreciate.

However nothing will teach you more than actually playing the game. Get a decent build, spam ranked q and analyse your every game once it's done to see what you could have done better. Learn who you can win against and who makes you struggle, to look at your team and see what their strengths are, when to fight to the death on node and when you should leave the fight - the rest will come with experience.

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