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(Random Ideas) Ambush changes


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Hiya,I'm ill and bored so I decided to think about ambush attacks and how I would change them.Right now, most ambushes are so terrible that I wish I could disable them. Their effects are meh on top of long cast times (gs, scepter, staff) and annoying mechanics (staff).In my opinion, ambush should be fast abilities. They also ought to be fairly powerful (you use your endurance to use them after all).So I came up with some ideas, I don't know if they would be good or not, op or not or whatever. I just think they would be much more convenient and fun to use then.Please note that this is from my solo PvE point of view. PvP and WvW need separate balancing anyway.


I like the visuals and concept of phantom axes very much, so my idea is all about them.They wouldn't be projectiles anymore = no more reflect. I also increased their power damage a little:

Imaginary AxesRelease two phantasmal axes that seek out your target and inflict damage and confusion.After that, they start to slowly orbit around you for a short duration, damaging and tormenting foes they pass through.Initial damage per axe: 220 (0.6)Confusion per axe: 2 stacks, 5 secsRange: 600Pass-through damage: 110 (0.3)Torment: 1 stack, 3 secsOrbit radius: 160Duration: 2 secsCast time: 1/2


As I mentioned in my Scepter-saltiness post, scepter doesn't need another channeling skill. What it needs is some kind of AoE. My version of ambush tries to accomplish it.It would use Firebrand's Tome of Justice skill 3 (Heated Rebuke) visuals, but less blinding and more mesmery.

Magic ImplosionSummon a circle of magic around your target that quickly tightens up, damaging and confusing enemies it passes through. Upon reaching your target the energy bursts, damaging the target and inflicting it with Confusion.Damage: 330 (0.9)Main target confusion: 3 stacks, 5 secsPass-through confusion: 2 stacks: 5 secsRadius: 180Range: 900Number of targets: 4 (3 + main target)Cast time: 3/4


I think and heard from others that sword's ambush is decent. But it could use some improvements too. I increased its damage and daze duration on top of giving it scepter aa clone generation treatment. Also, I'd make its animation smoother, because right now it's too warrior-like.

Mirage ThrustLeap at your foe and strike them, inflicting damage and daze. Leave a clone at your location. If you have maximum illusions up, deal additional damage and rip a boon instead.Damage: 403 (1.1)Daze: 1 secAdditional damage: 110 (0.3)Boons removed: 1Range: 600Combo Finisher: LeapCast Time: 3/4 sec


I have no words for current Greatsword ambush. It's just aoe aa, it even uses the same animation. Kinda sad. I don't really play GS, but to my mind, its ambush should be something like White Mantle's aoe Mind Stab. It would deal quick and high spike damage to a lot of targets at once. Maybe it could improve GS performance in PvE, i dunno.

Mind ShredPut your greatsword in the air, tagging your target and 2 other foes near it. Damage tagged foes and other enemies around them with illusionary blades from the ground. Inflict vulnerability and cripple on every enemy struck. AoEs of each blade do not overlap.Tagging radius: 500 (around your target)Damage: 812 (2.0)Vulnerability: 3 stacks, 10 secsCripple: 3 secsEach blade's radius: 180Number of targets per blade: 3Range: 1200Cast time: 1/2


I love staff's ambush, but it's clunky. I made it so the projectile homes at your target and applies daze to it when it hits (think some Chaotic Interruption synergy?). I also separated allies limit and enemies limit and reduced its cast time a lil.

Chaos VortexRelease a vortex of chaos energy that tracks your target, inflicting conditions on foes and granting boons to allies it goes through. Upon reaching your target, it applies daze to it.Damage: 282 (0.7)Confusion: 2 stacks, 5 secsTorment: 2 stacks, 5 secsDaze: 1/2 secsFury: 3 secsMight: 3 stacks, 10 secsNumber of allies: 5Number of enemies: 5Range: 1200Cast time: 3/4

I didn't think of any changes to spear/trident, because I hadn't had too much water combat.

So, that's it. Please keep in mind it's just a "what if" post, and I'm just tossing out some random stuff.And what do you think about ambushes? Would any of these changes be nice or nah? Would like to hear some feedback.Cheers, and I wish you all good health lol

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