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Zerg Chrono Help please. Tool Box build


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Okay, since the death of the boon share chrono, I have tried multiple builds none have been that great. Let me state a few things first, the server I play on is a Pug sever and even the wvw guilds are mostly pugs and we are not normally on comms. With typemanners and pugs that do not follow directions very well, it makes some tactics well impossible. But, being in a WvW guild and pretty only playing wvw in gw2 I would like some help building a better zerg mesmer. Normal size zerg is 20 to 30 that we run in. People in the guild try to run support knowing that the pugs following us will have to be the real dps. Okay now for the build I am running right now.Chaos 1/3/2Inspiration 2/2/2Chrono 1/2/2 (I don't use improved Alacrity because everything I do some Renegade will overwrite it.)Staff and Sword/focus Full Minstrels with water runes.Mantra of Recovery, Mantra of Resolve, Mantra of Concentration, Well of Recall, and Mas Invisibility

Again this is a zerg support build, so please keep that in mind before you start bashing me on not running a ganking build.The reason I use the mantras is to cleanse and stab with minor healing (really terrible by the way)Well of Recall, I use a lot. Useful on the siege and also chilling zergs.Mass Invisibility is one of the main skills I use in a push and here is the reason. Veil traited is 3 seconds not bad, but without voice comms timing becomes a problem, so I only slot it when I know for sure we will need it. Whereas traited mass invisibility is 9 seconds and it more forgiving.I use the focus for pulls, although I really like the shield for open field fights.So can anyone give me suggestions on who to make a Toolbox better? Again we need a Mesmer for the toolbox: invisibility, pulls, portals, and alacrity on the siege engines.

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@"Sithia.3158" said:So can anyone give me suggestions on who to make a Toolbox better? Again we need a Mesmer for the toolbox: invisibility, pulls, portals, and alacrity on the siege engines.Well... scrappers provide better invis while being able to also reveal, necros provide shortrange portals, firebrands provide pulls and revs would probably be better at alacrity. Do you kind of see the classes used there, lol?

The mesmer is actually pretty redundant today. Its not useless, it definetly have some unique things... but its not really something that we "need". And you cant really get it any better than it is.

Sidenote: water runes seem like a complete waste, the healing power effectiveness on the mesmer was kitten last I checked. If I would run a utility chrono with some boon duration, even considering its support oriented, I would probably use commanders + something to fill in ferocity or similar combo and greatsword to actually be able to kill things, or at least moderately annoy them.

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Ran Scrapper a lot since the change but pugs keep dropping water fields on my smoke fields ruining the stealth stacks and many times there is not enough time to set it up before charging in, whereas mass invis needs no setup. Your right about the runes though, this is an older setup that I have not changed since the killing of the chrono.

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imo rn, chrono is OP in wvw big scale fights for few things:-gravity well / time warp-focus pull-shield 5these skills are op if hit players without stab, but useless otherwise (outside of tot that gives quickness for ur squad, thats juicy on push)

also other good/ ok skills:

  • null field - could have a bit bigger hitbox, but still fine - condi and boon removal, cast in fights or with gravity well is big ok
  • shield 4 - juicy prot
  • illusion of life - can be rly good but needs good awarness and decision making
  • portal - can be used in many diffrent ways, ill leave it to ur creativity
  • cleanse matra/stab mantra - if ur squad doesnt have firebrands or scrappers ur rip anyway, so i dont see big use for these skills, but ok
  • veil - imo good only for big zergs with coordinated veils, in smaller groups scrapper is way ahead
  • well of precog? - could be good but i see the same issue as with all other wells - zerg is to mobile, and its sometimes hard to predict where is it gonna land
  • signets - traited signets give u invulnerability (good personal sustain), but also shares aegis to nearby allies - okish, but firebrands do it better, still signet of ether for refreshing shield 4 or soi for extending boons are good

imo useless skills :

  • wells - as mentioned above - zergs are to mobile
  • most of other skills i didnt mention i think :(

Not sure what iv missed. my conclusion - ur not gonna make big dps and chrono is now utility and cc bot. Ur healing is also big meh - u take minstrel anyway cuz there is nothing else to take, but this healing power doesnt scale to good on u.

now also some more about traits:

imo good ones:

  • signet trait in GM inspi - as mentioned, self sustain and aegis are fine
  • chaotic interruption - i play in the style of cc bot so immobilize on ppl u hit with tot is BIG BIG rape - sadly this trait will get a nerf soon cuz of mirage...
  • chrono traits - i always run top top top - for same reason as above
  • mantra trait - also fine but is in conflict with signet trait - ur choice of playstyle

and gear wise:

i usually run x/shield + x/focus, where x is either sword or scepter - both are fine, depending on scale, but having torch for stealthing in enemy keep is also very goodi try to run 50 % bd at least so ToT gives at least 3 s of quickness, which with soi is juicy 6 s - good pushmemestrel imo has a lot of wasted stats so i try to mix some commanders with marauders and others to have fine sustain, and a bit of dmgfor runes i basicly run pack runes as more offensive - might and fury for rest of party OR durability as more defensive option - these choices give u bd and other stats u may want. Also now i start to wonder if antitoxin runes have a right to be

Conclusion:i think chrono has very unidetified role in wvw, with nerf of soi it rly lost its main role and now: u dont deal that much dmg, u dont heal to much, u dont give that much boons. so i went full cc bot. tho imo good chrono can easilly rekt enemy with well timed time warp/pull/tot that can also be casted twice, but outside of it - idk what else u can doIf u have any thought on what i wrote specially if u dont agree with something plz write it, im curious on other good usages for chrono

imo chrono needs some changes, as rn its in rly weird spot

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Improved alacrity affects you only, so renegade cant overwrite anything. Well of recall seems like a huge waste IMO, it's neither effective nor worth its cooldown for wvw. If you want some impactful support even well of precognition is a better choice because it can give aegis to a lot of people. However, veil, illusion of life have much higher value, even feedback can be more useful.

Chaotic interruption is probably the only useful GM chaos trait for support mesmer. Mass invis is rather worthless compared to gravity well and even if you trait it it's not much worth outside of portal bombs. Scrapper makes stealth from any other class worthless as well and if you dont have scrappers then mass invis certainly wont achieve anything because if you needed stealth you'd have scrappers.

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