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Anyone else having a problem getting the game back to window full screen. Got a fix.

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I got home launched the game and there was a small download then a second window pop up that said repairing game archive. After that was done i can no longer get rid of the windows task bar at the bottom. Im playing in windows fullscreen and no matter how many tab outs and back i do the task bar wont go away. I think they broke my game when they repaired it lol. I didnt run the repair it popped up on its own.

update..if i use fullscreen mode the game shows fully without the taskbar. But windowed fullscreen is now always with the taskbar up. Does anyone know a fix, i cant play in fullscreen i tab out and back too much and its a hassle in fullscreen.

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Okay so a player in game gave me a fix. If you play in windowed fullscreen and your taskbar gets stuck on the game screen do this...open task manager/ scroll down processes till you find the windows explorer file running click restart and its fixed.

im going to leave this up in case others have the problem.

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Glad you got it resolved quickly. That's incredibly annoying.

I've also resolved that particular issue by one of two methods:

  • Swapping from windowed-fullscreen to one of the specific resolutions, closing the game, restarting, then resetting.
  • Using the command line option to start up the game in a specific resolution. (I don't remember if I used windowed-fullscreen or a specific resolution, it's been so long since I last needed it.)

The trick you learned from /map is "better" in that it also applies for all sorts of other programs; the taskbar sometimes goes perflui like that. (I've also toggled the task bar from "always show" to "always hide" and back, which works most of the time.)

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