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Automatic refund and account suspension after purchasing expansions

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After playing the F2P version of the game with my friend, I really liked it and decided to buy both of the expansions (from the official store) for my friend and myself us using my debit card and billing information for both accounts. It worked for the both of us and we started to play without any issue.

One day after purchase, I got an email saying a refund has been generated for my account. Although I can still play the game and both expansions, and it shows both expansions as 'Active' on my account. My friends account just got suspended (error 45:6:3:2157) and both expansions have been removed from the account just showing 'Upgrade GuildWars 2 account'

My bank statement shows that one payment went through & has been deducted, and one payment 'pending'.

No response from the support.

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