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What's the point of Tattoos when you can't really show them?

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Hello.So i will keep it short - What's the point of Tattoos, when most armor pieces cover the big portion of it?

For example i love norns and warriors, so i had this big idea of just making bare chested, all tattoed up berserker norn wielding two axes and then goes to the battlefield slaying some heads.

There are npc's that do exactly that and i can't because of course i know that this could led to some group of people that would just use bare chested option for the sake of it, to see dem bewbs or abs, but coming from WoW that had the same issues with Tattoos and 99% armor pieces covering them up they finally added an option to hide chest pieces that allowed people to do the fashion game however they want and actually not that many trolls showed up to just run bare chested..


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Considering some of the armour options are nearly as revealing as the characters underwear (at least in terms of showing breasts) and anyone can, at any time, choose to remove their chest armour (or could have it removed by a game mechanic - if your armour is broken it's invisible) I doubt that's a reason for not having this option.

I don't know why it isn't an option though. We've had the ability to hide shoulders, gloves and helms since day 1, but Anet have been very reluctant to add additional options - to the point where when one of their own staff kept pushing for a barefoot option and being turned down someone else created the Invisible Boots as a compromise.

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