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[Suggestion] Skyscale mechanics and airborne obstacle courses.

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On the skyscale flight skills and mechanics had an idea which I think would enhance the skyscale and allow the creation of airborne obstacle courses for it.

With the dash ability; when the skyscale does the spin temporarily decrease it's collision size to allow it to dash through smaller openings. This would open up the possibility of obstacle courses with airborn rings the player would dash through with their skyscale.

Exempt circular rotation with in a given radius from the height drop as the skyscale flys. Maybe even work out some sort of rotation mechanic to enhance it's ability to orbit a point.

With how the Volatile Magic works on the skyscale (I wish Unbound Magic did the same) add another game element that temporarily allows the skyscale to spin dive either via contact with the object.

Given that the skyscale seems to like fish add a fishing mechanic where the skyscale can skim the surface of water without losing height and pickup fish as it's talons as they drag the water. Ground effect flight in general might be a good mechanic to add.

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@Kal Spiro.9745 said:Hit boxes are already a little clunky on mounts. I don't know that precision threading is necessarily going to be effective, unless I'm misunderstanding.

With the rings as a hit box they could solve that by treating it as a cone. As the skyscale hits the larger diameter of the cone it could correct the dash trajectory through the smaller opening. Visually the ring could be a vapor ring. Mechanic wise they could also use the ring to accelerate the skyscale.

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