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NPC Kids Playing With Zephyrite Kites in Lion's Arch!!

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I was in Lion's Arch near the asura gates (in Coriolis Plaza), and I saw two kids running by with Lightning Kites!!! Not sure if that is always there or not, but I imagine it is instead an easter egg foreshadowing the festival that is just around the corner :D

Anyone notice other little changes like this?

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They've been there since Lion's Arch was rebuilt, but they're not there all the time so they're easy to miss. There's also an NPC somewhere in LA who is flying around on a broom - the travel toy from the gem store.

I like when they put little details like that into the game, it's fun to spot them and I like that it effectively (but subtly) inserts things from the gem store and other rewards that could be seen as purely MMO mechanics into the game world and lore. Like the guy in the guild headquarters who talks about creating mini pets as a hobby.

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