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[Balance] Vicious Lacerations v. Ferocious Strikes


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The functionality of these two traits are close to identical to each other, with Vicious Lacerations adding 9.2727% damage at 3 stacks while Ferocious Strikes granting 10% bonus damage at 100% critical chance. Such similarity makes the choice between these two traits vastly meaningless (other than optimization in respect of the expected scenario).

Would the developers look into this, and perhaps make some changes so that at least players can make meaningful decisions on their major adept trait selection between these two?

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To look further into the possible scenarios:

If you are running a power based build, you most likely run staff and either hammer or dual swords. With staff and hammer, one is sure to pick VL over FS. With staff and dual swords, the choice depends on your critical chance. The choice made here is of mere optimization.

If you are running a condition based build, you most likely do not pick the Devastation trait line at all. If you are running a build with its priority not being dealing damage, then you most likely do not pick Devastation either.

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There is no benefit whatsoever to Ferocious Strikes.

% damage increase is pretty damned strong, and the only Power Damage weapons for Rev are Swords anyway.

It's not even a competition between the two traits, the % damage is gonna win everytime vs dual wielding for extra Ferocity.

Similarly, Assassin's Presence cannot compete with Notoriety's bonus Power per Might stack, unless yu are playing a support role.

The way I see it, Anet might just end up with +Power, + Power with Dualwield for Ferocious Strikes anyway, then it will automatically be BiS for Power Sword Rev.

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